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A Little About Me

Driven by curiosity, I spent 15+ years tinkering, realizing stories are my fuel. Whether I'm developing businesses, consulting for Fortune 100 orgs, chatting to regulars while pulling the best espresso in the East Village, or weaving words on the page, I explore stories.

Roused by creativity, I'm keen to build brands, tactile products, & books, laced with the DNA of storytelling.

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My latest projects

Latest Projects



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Opened a small specialty coffee shop sandwiched between two pizzerias on 12th Street in the East Village of New York City, our flagship location quickly became a neighborhood favorite & watering hole for regulars, with a fierce cult following.


With the hopes of growing our brick & mortar business, we opened our second location in the West Village, offered tastings, retail whole beans, quality instant coffee, and even equipment.


Saltwater translates the coffee shop experience for aficionados and newcomers alike with ready-to-drink, holistic coffee solutions, growing to 300+ grocery markets in NYC.

2023 & Beyond:

The core team launches a unique licensing model, syncing with partners to scout and build new coffee shops in New York, Texas, and Florida.


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Recognized in The Best American Food Writing 2022 by Guest Editor, Sohla El-Waylly, and Series Editor, Silvia Killingsworth, Liquid Carriage is a column concerning the philosophy, culture, and experience of where and how drinks transport us.

Dive into all the libations that carry us along, with sips of visual appeal, culture, color, vibrancy, intoxication, and of course, taste.

A carriage is a vehicle and a necessary component to the movement of a typewriter. A person’s carriage is their manner of being. Finally, carriage is the act of transporting. If liquid courage is opening up, Liquid Carriage is opening up to the world.

BAFW Notable: Not Your Mom's Masala Chai

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